Important DELUXE T2D DINNER message !

We're allready taking reservations for the DELUXE T2D DINNER on saturday evening. As we never had enough place in the restaurant, we chose to look for a place where the people for the restaurant can cater for everyone ... so we found a BIGGER location, for you ... no need to drive your car, because we're doing a SHUTTLE service with a big TOURIST BUS ... and the best part it's only 2 km away from the center of town ...

We already have aalot of reservations, almost half completed !!! So talk around with your friends, and be sure to make the reservation, you'll be in for some very nice volkswagen-euro-bonding with other people around the food table. (see below for complete menu and pricing)

mail me at freddyfiles2011@gmail.com if you have any questions !!!

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