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Organising the show, i had some real back up support from the www.kieftenklok.com and http://www.type2detectives.org/ these boys are supporting me, and with me the whole volkswagen scene ! i cannot thank them enough for supporting the event ... Paul (see picture below) for bringing over a mass of UK busses to the little cozy town of NINOVE and Maurice for the goodie bags, and just for being there with some nice busses out of his stable !!!

also supporting me ... www.bbt4vw.com and http://www.csp-shop.de/ and http://www.bugwelder-shop.com/ and www.stevesvwshop.be and http://www.bus-ok.eu/ and www.german-performance-parts.be are all people supporting me ! support THEM back by getting your high quality volkswagen PARTS or CARS for your aircooler from them ! (you also find them in the right margin of this page)

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