t2d deluxe dinner, deluxe dinner, dinner, fully booked, t2d, the type two detectives

Well, I am so sorry to say that the T2D deluxe dinner is fully booked now ... we have a nice bunch of 150 aircooled vw lovers together for the dinner on saturday night ! With a (BUS) shuttle service from the hotel De Croone to the place where the dinner is ... nothing can go wrong ... just bring your best smile and everything is gonna be alllllrighty ! Counting down the days !!!

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slam, kings of slam, slamking, slammed, bus, busses

SLAMMED BUSSES are their trademark ... and every year they cruise their SLAMMED busses to NINOVE in the month of march ! this year's 20th of march ... the T2D + T3D crew will organise the cruise to ninove again ... click on the link and learn how you can follow them trough the tunnel, trough france, arriving in NINOVE, belgium. 

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still have no bus ?

doggy syle, hot josje, kieft en klok

we're quite sure, here at freddy's office taht if you don't have a bus to cruise down to the freddyfiles, you certainly will find something you like in the car park of holland's biggest bus company KIEFT EN KLOK !

Hot josje, newest sales manager will tell you all about doggy style in the luxurious interiour of this deluxe ! Call KnK now, and ask for "Hot josje" !

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(aircooled !) DRIVE IN MOVIES in NL

drivein, drive in, movie

drivein, drive in, movie

One of our sponsors, BusOK (www.busok.nl) proudly presents the 2nd edition of the Aircooled Drive In.Enjoying a classic movie like back in the good old days. Big screen, sounds by FM radio, lots of popcorn. All Ninove prize winners receive 2 free tickets for this event, date Saturday 23rd of July. 20.00h-24.00h.
More info: http://aircooleddrivein.blogspot.com
Presale starts in Ninove at the BusOK stand.

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wooo hooo !

airmighty cruise, cruise, aircooled, air mighty, kruuuzing, cruize

Woo hooo ! aircooled cruise rollin' in from Hollandia on sunday march 20th ... be prepaired for the cruise if you're coming from the north !


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EYE kandy !


What a deluxe girl ! Hope she'll be checking out some deluxe busses on sunday march 20th...


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CAR stickers arrived today !!!


the stickers for numbering the cars arrived today ... one step closer to the freddyfiles 2011 !!!


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super deluxe !

Freddyfiles 2011 ... it's gonna be a deluxe edition ... we'll try to get the most sexy 21 + 23 windows together BUT ... we'll cater for EVERY AIRCOOLED ride off course !!! you're more than welcome with your beetle, t3, karmann ghia, buggy, fridolin, porsche, and/or any other aircooled derivate you could be owning !!!

Freddyfiles 2011 ... het zal een deluxe editie worden ! ... we gaan proberen om de mooiste 21 + 23 ruiters bijeen te krijgen MAAR ... u bent natuurlijk meer dan welkom met ELK ANDER LUCHTGEKOELD VOERTUIG !!! Kever, karmann ghia, type 3, fridolin, buggy, porsche, en/of elk ander afgeleide luchtgekoelde dat u zou kunnen bezitten !!!

Freddyfiles 2011 ... ça va etre une edition deluxe ! ... on va essayer de vous trouver les plus beaux 21 + 23 fenetres, MAIS ... logiquement, vous etes bien sur le bienvenue avec chaque vehicule vw aircooled ! venez en masse avec vos cox, karmann, t3, buggy, frido, porsche et/ou avec tout autre dérivé refroidi par air que vous possederai !!!

anyone speaks german to translate the above ? my german ... it's a bit hairy :-)

deluxe, 23 barn, 23, barndoor, barn, dlx, export, chestnut brown

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the airmighty cruize from hollandia


for the people coming from the north on sunday ... be sure to drive along with the airmighty cruize ... more info on the website www.airmighty.nl !

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flyer, fly, deluxe edition, drawing, pat, dlx, dlxxx, xxx, deluxe 23 window, deluxe 21 window

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the t2d cruise to ninove

cruize !, kruize, cruise,

keep posted on the t2d website !!! for the cruise !

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it's gonna be very ...


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long legged KG girl

long legged, long legs, ll, longleg, girl, girlie, girls, karmann ghia, kg, lowlight

Alltough it's a deluxe special, on march 20th in NINOVE you'll certainly see alot more lovely curves than those of them deluxe busses ! be sure to check out some girlies driving their super sexy lowlight karmann ghia !!! be there !

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hangy vistors out of the swiss mountains

swiss, zwitserland, mountains, snow, snowy

this year we'll have visitors out of the swiss mountains ! come and check the aircooled volkswagens out from HANGY ! blog ! http://hangy.skynetblogs.be/ 

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be there on time !

time, watch, on time, starting, show starts at,

be there on time ! the show in NINOVE starts at 10.00 on sunday morning !!!

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long legs !

long legs, love, loves deluxe, bus, deluxe busses, deluxe bus, 21 window, 23 window

this long legged beauty loves your deluxe bus ! i bet she will be in ninove con march 20th, checking out all the deluxe busses that came over for the show ! be there and talk to the long legged deluxe lady !

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2 vintage.jpg

Organising the show, i had some real back up support from the www.kieftenklok.com and http://www.type2detectives.org/ these boys are supporting me, and with me the whole volkswagen scene ! i cannot thank them enough for supporting the event ... Paul (see picture below) for bringing over a mass of UK busses to the little cozy town of NINOVE and Maurice for the goodie bags, and just for being there with some nice busses out of his stable !!!

also supporting me ... www.bbt4vw.com and http://www.csp-shop.de/ and http://www.bugwelder-shop.com/ and www.stevesvwshop.be and http://www.bus-ok.eu/ and www.german-performance-parts.be are all people supporting me ! support THEM back by getting your high quality volkswagen PARTS or CARS for your aircooler from them ! (you also find them in the right margin of this page)

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the T2D deluxe dinner ...

beware ! of imitations ! the places for the dinner are going real fast now ... we're almost at our maximum number, doubling the spaces/places we had last year ! if you fancy this fancy dinner served to you by the people from the restaurant "De Jonge Vliegers" you'd better HURRY UP ! mail me for more info on freddyfiles2011@gmail.com or read more info some posts below about the dinner !

puppy, buzz

as puppy can testify "the beer comes free with the dinner" and "might give you a slight buzz when drinking it" also been heard was "never underestimate the power of witkap" and "baby you can drive my car"

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eye kandy

transportergarden, garden girl, guzzi, guzzi garden, moe guzzigirl

wow ... what a nice picture from MOE at www.transportergarden.com ... he always gets the best out of his models ! keep posted on this blog for more info and more eyekandy !

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ferando's Deluxxx mission is onnnnn !!!

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really ?! (a boat?)

prog 2.jpg

well ... at least one person is taking his boat over the mountains to the freddyfiles in Ninove ... keep posted who might come with a very special tow ! Meanwhile keep turning that steering wheel ! keep driving your aircooled straight to the freddyfiles 2011 !


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latest VOWO ads !!!




woohoo... the latest vo wo magazine has landed on my desk ... it has a new selection of diverse volkswagens inside, all you need to know and all you can dream of inside. just go and buy the magazine ! hurry to the newsstand or buy a subscription on www.volksworld.com

check out the mega adverts for EBI4 and the Kieftenklok and T2D freddyfiles 2011 ! thanks for the support Volksworld ! we'll keep on supporting / reading about you ! 

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