BUS confirmed !


the BUS (alltough it's not a VW, it's better than the newest microbus project from volkswagen, that's even shorter than a GOLF)  that will haul you (all 150 of you) to and from the location of where the T2D DELUXE dinner is, is booked and CONFIRMED. this means you can get on and off the bus going to the T2D deluxe dinner whenever you want, starting as early as possible, around 18hr00 on saturday 19th of March, near the hotel in the centre of town !


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Good luck on getting them all 150 on the bus :-)

Gepost door: Kobus | 03-03-11

:-) t'is een navette, ze rijd dus heen en weer, verschillende keren.

Gepost door: fastfred | 04-03-11

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