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transportergarden, garden girl, guzzi, guzzi garden, moe guzzigirl

wow ... what a nice picture from MOE at www.transportergarden.com ... he always gets the best out of his models ! keep posted on this blog for more info and more eyekandy !

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ferando's Deluxxx mission is onnnnn !!!

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really ?! (a boat?)

prog 2.jpg

well ... at least one person is taking his boat over the mountains to the freddyfiles in Ninove ... keep posted who might come with a very special tow ! Meanwhile keep turning that steering wheel ! keep driving your aircooled straight to the freddyfiles 2011 !


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latest VOWO ads !!!




woohoo... the latest vo wo magazine has landed on my desk ... it has a new selection of diverse volkswagens inside, all you need to know and all you can dream of inside. just go and buy the magazine ! hurry to the newsstand or buy a subscription on www.volksworld.com

check out the mega adverts for EBI4 and the Kieftenklok and T2D freddyfiles 2011 ! thanks for the support Volksworld ! we'll keep on supporting / reading about you ! 

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the official FLYER


The Official Flyer, every year it's some handywork to get the flyer done. I still like the oldstyle way i make it, with scissors and glue to fit the retro event after all these years ... Now count down the days ... FREDDYFILES in less than TWO months !!!

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DJ BUS stretching his legs on brussels auto salon !



DJ BUS CONFIRMED ! The KWEENONY confirmed DJ bus for the KnK and T2D freddyfiles2011 stretching his leggs on the BRUSSELS auto salon ! We're proud to have this beauty among us on SUNDAY MARCH 20th in NINOVE !

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deluxe picture !


Give your kids a proper education ! Send them to school (or NINOVE on march 20th) in this deluxe bus in his lovely stylish vest and tie. DO NOT forget to comb his hair before he gets out of the bus !

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more eyekandy from ... KWEENONY PARTY BUS !

deluxe nakie.jpg

CONFIRMED ! the yellow/white DJ bus from the KWEENONY DJ TEAM will be on location in NINOVE ... hopefully Kurt brings along this lovely lady in the PARTYBUS !

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the DELUXE party ...

deluxe puppy.jpg

As you can see, the party last year was a BLAST ! Puppy was totally freaked out about the slight buzz he had from the WITKAP beer ! Do not hesitate to come over to Ninove for the DELUXE party on sat 19th of march ... it's gonna be MENTAL !

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dude ...

Allready a lot of people confirmed their participation for
the KnK +T2D freddyfiles 2011
the show is gonna be a blast, with cars from all over europe ... come and check them out in the cozy town of NINOVE, on march 20th 2011. the shops in town are open on sunday afternoon, so why not bring the wife and/or the family !?

programme on... Sunday march 20th

10hr00 opening a new freddyfile: the deluxe edition
Goodiebags galore for visitors
first 100 visitors free tshirt
first 400 visitors programme with DASH PLAQUE inside !
all day long trading and swap meet stands
music at party bus with international DJ sets
food/drinks stall
the DELUXE line up of 21+23 busses
HD gettogether
REDBULL girlie sampling

prizegiving at 16hr00 by BBT
TOP 10
Airmighty choice
T2D choice

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deluxe picture !


Wow what a nice picture of one of the KnK guru's ... for the stickers and goodies ... check out their website ! 

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deluxe ...

deluxe ass.jpg

some more freddyfiles eye kandy to be used and abused !

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the lady in the (red) DELUXE ...

deluxe red lady.jpg

The deluxe lady in red ! i bet she comes in the red deluxe !

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the T2D deluxe dinner ...




a 21 + 23 window frenzy !

March 19th 2011

“a DELUXE dinner is best served trough popout windows !”



The T2D dinner would be at a bigger location,


(size does matter)


where we can host up to 150 people,

the more the merrier !

With the same food, as catered for,

from the same people doing the “JONGE VLIEGERS” restaurant

where we do the meal every year

now with added volkswagen flair

and volkswagen themed video’s beamed to the wall !




Spanish tapas plate



Main course

Ribs (all you can eat) with fries and salad


Meat with fries and salad


Veggie Wok dish



drinks included during the dinner


50.oo EUR all incl


As the location is on 3.5km (2.17miles) we will use a “shuttle service”

to bring people to and from the place where the T2D deluxe dinner is.


*** shuttle INCLUDED IN PRICE ***


The reservation of places for the T2D dinner is




by prepayment of

50.oo euros


on paypal account






(if you make it a PERSONAL GIFT, we receive the full 50.oo euros, thank you for your understanding)



the dinner

the shuttle will bring you back to the centre of town,

(last shuttle at 23hr30)

where you can party all night long @



(don’t forget to dress up fancy for the DELUXE themed party!)

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freddyfiles ...


the 2011 freddyfiles ... the Knk and T2D DELUXE edition ... a funfest for all 21+23 deluxe splitbusses, but also catering for all other (deluxe) aircooled cars off course ... we will be more than happy to see you all on sunday march 20th 2011 ... be prepaired !

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ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou !

happy newyear 2011.jpg

Ka Hauʻoli Makahiki Hou ! or happy newyear ! Wishing you a happy 2011 and alot of ffun while preparing your cars to come over to the KnK and T2D Freddyfiles the "DELUXE" edition ... be there !!!

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CONFIRMED ... the PARTY BUS from the KWEENONY DJ team !

kweenony bus confirmed.jpg

The kweenony bus is a 21 window from 1967 ... it's the bus that makes the difference !!! the flatline lowrider's KWEENONY division is professionally equipped to BOOST your party ! The Bus will be in NINOVE and the DJs will play out of the sunroof all day long ! ... Jacky Lafon and Barbara "duck sauce" Streisand ... here we come !

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CLASSY ... ladies

classy ladies logos.jpg

wow ... join these classy ladies for the party @café ROXY after the T2D DELUXE DINNER (more info on dinner below). 

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the party's onnnn...

the party's onnnn.jpg

Join us for the party !!! @ROXY's café, we will turn up the volume and have a ... BALL !!! You wil not have to energise yourself like ballsy ... KINKY and STEVE Gspot will do it with the funky music !!!

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The KINKY DJ will be there ! (DJ KINKY and steve G SPOT!)

KINKY deluxe.jpg

DJ KINKY and Steve GSPOT will spin the turntables together with Ivan Mc C (KWEENONY-VOLKSWORLD)RESIDENT. Keep on sending those positive vibes and sounds to DJ KINKY: he will appreciate it !!! let him know we can't get the party going without him ... for this CLASSY DELUXE EDITION of the KnK +T2D FREDDYFILES 2011 !!! 

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CONFIRMED ... the citrus valley campground bus ...

citrus valley campground bus logos.jpg

The citrus valleycampground bus is not a 21+23 window bus ... but it is a deluxe and it's gonna be in Ninove for the DELUXE edition on march 20th 2011... be there to check Dean's bus out !

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the one eyed duck !

this is the one eyed duck ... used to keep the wipers away from your safari windows on your (deluxe) splitbus ... not to be confused with the one eyed snake ! :-) I know how we looked for these things (ages ago) on swapmeets when they weren't reproduced yet, or were difficult to get.


you might see quite a few of them, on the freddyfiles 2011 event ... this event will pay attention to the 21 and 23 windows ... we're hoping to get the most beautifull deluxes from all over europe ... come and check them out on SUNDAY 20th MARCH 2011

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postal card !

postcard classic.jpg

Send us a postcard ! the Freddyfiles deluxe edition will cater for every volkswagen of course, but is now emphasising on the deluxe 21 and 23 window models ... it's gonna be very classy ... very deluxe in ninove this year. If YOU have a 21 or 23 window, don't hesitate, get it on the road and drive to Ninove (B) ... 20 march 2011 is the date ! 

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Important DELUXE T2D DINNER message !

We're allready taking reservations for the DELUXE T2D DINNER on saturday evening. As we never had enough place in the restaurant, we chose to look for a place where the people for the restaurant can cater for everyone ... so we found a BIGGER location, for you ... no need to drive your car, because we're doing a SHUTTLE service with a big TOURIST BUS ... and the best part it's only 2 km away from the center of town ...

We already have aalot of reservations, almost half completed !!! So talk around with your friends, and be sure to make the reservation, you'll be in for some very nice volkswagen-euro-bonding with other people around the food table. (see below for complete menu and pricing)

mail me at freddyfiles2011@gmail.com if you have any questions !!!

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Classy Kisses

Kisses logos.jpg

Classy Kisses on the Freddyfiles deluxe edition 2011 ...

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